Police in Wash. state using school zone speed cameras

BELLEVUE, Wash. -- Tuesday brought the first day of school to students in Bellevue, and police will have a new set of eyes on drivers to keep those kids safe.

The city installed cameras at Lake Hills Elementary and Stevenson Elementary where speeding drivers racked up 522 citations in one year alone.

Yellow flashing lights around speed signs signal drivers must drop speeds to 20 mph and new cameras will snap the license plate of anyone going faster.

Drivers will get a warning for the first 30 days but police will then start writing tickets for $124.

Bellevue isn't alone -- Seattle is turning on cameras at five schools where after the 30-day warning period expires, drivers will face $189 tickets for speeding.

And it's not just speeders getting caught on camera. Two Puget Sound school districts now have cameras on their buses to catch people who pass when bus lights are flashing and kids are crossing the street. That fine will run $394.