Police discover body inside vacant Ontario house

ONTARIO, Ore., (KBOI) -- Police discovered a badly decomposed body inside an abandoned house in Ontario Thursday morning.

Bob Maggard, who lives next to the vacant, ramshackle house, said it was the smell that worried him.

"At first I thought it was maybe the dumpster out there, and somebody put some dead catfish in there," he told KBOI News. "On the third day, I told my wife to call the police because something was going on in there."

Not dead fish -- but a human body so severely decomposed its gender could not be determined.

Ontario Police Chief Mark Alexander said the vacant house on the 600 block of NW 2nd Street is well known to his officers, who have responded there frequently.

"We have difficult times finding out who is responsible for the property," Alexander said. "It gets subject to vandalism, doors and windows kicked in. Transients end up occupying it unlawfully."

Alexander says the gender, age and race of the body is not yet known because the body has been decomposing so fast, probably due to a lack of ventiliation at the house and the heat.

An autopsy is scheduled for next week.