Police crack down on drivers not stopping for pedestrians

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - Plain-clothed officers were hitting the crosswalks of Meridian looking for drivers who don't yield to pedestrians.

After a rash of complaints, officers wanted to step up enforcement, especially before school gets underway when more kids will be out walking.

In just a few minutes of being downtown we saw several drivers pulled over for not stopping. Sometimes drivers are confused, not knowing if the person is standing there or trying to cross the street.

Sgt. John Gonzales of Meridian Police said pedestrians do have a responsibility to show drivers they intend to cross. Although once that happen cars in both directions need to stop.

"As soon as they step into the roadway at a crosswalk, then they are to be given the right of way," said Gonzales.

The fine for not yielding to a pedestrian is $90, and can raise the cost of insurance.