Police: Bowling alley roof collapses in Weiser

Courtesy: David Wright

A roof collapsed at a Weiser bowling alley, according to Facebook posts and the Weiser Police.

The Weiser Police Department says they've only been receiving a couple of reports, but have seen videos around Facebook. They do not have any further details at this time.

John Schmitz, the owner of a body shop next door to Weiser Lanes, says he saw the whole thing unravel.

"And I seen the snow right at the top going down, but in fact, it wasn't sliding off the side, it was just going down," Schmitz said. "It made a 'whoosh' noise, and then a little bit of cracking from the timbers, and then it blew out dust and debris."

He says stepping outside every day from now on and seeing a pile of cinder blocks instead of a family-fun place will be heartbreaking.

"Anytime we'd have company or grandkids and such come over, it was just handy having it next door," Schmitz said. "We'd go will be missed."

Schmitz says one of the saddest parts about the situation is being unsure if the owner will rebuild, or knowing if Weiser will ever have a bowling alley again.

Washington County's online newspaper, Living In The News, shared a Facebook Live video of the damage:

The silver lining in the end is that the alley was closed Monday, therefore no one was hurt in the incident.