Police: 50 tickets written at one Caldwell intersection in a day

CALDWELL, Idaho (KBOI) - On Monday Caldwell Police wrote about 50 citations to drivers who tried to go through the intersection of Ustick and Indiana which was clearly marked as closed.

The closure comes as crews try to put in a round about which will increase safety at the busy intersection. Signs warning about the closure had been up for over a week prior.

On Monday several drivers ignored the signs, and drove around the onto the street which resulted in a $90 fine. Officer Jake Simon of the Caldwell police said he hadn't seen so many violations in one spot in the five years he has worked there.

"I have not seen this many people just going around, and avoiding signs like that," said Simon. "I have never seen that in my career. We gave about 50 citations out that Monday, and it's just continued through the week."

The intersection will be closed until sometime in August, but until then people will have to drive an extra mile or two to get around.