'Please wrap it up, take care of what needs to be done'

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) - A group of residents are asking the Meridian City Council not to grant an extension for a gravel mine near their neighborhood, while the company says it needs more time.

Back in April, the Planning and Zoning Commission gave Idaho Sand and Gravel a six month extension to their conditional use permit. They are now asking to extend that to 18 months.

They are expected to appeal to the city council which will meet on Tuesday.

Jerry Ross lives in the neighborhood behind the mine, and says he doesn't want the extension to be allowed. He said after more than three years he's gotten tired of all of the dust it creates. For many they were surprised to see it go for so long because they originally thought it was just for grading and creating an area for new homes.

"We just want it gone. We just want it taken care of," said Ross. "Just please wrap it up, take care of what needs to be done. They are giving a lot of excuses on why they can't get things done but in the last two months they haven't even made an effort."

Some residents believe mining is still going on, but the city said there is nothing to indicate that is true. Code Enforcement has been to the site several times to make sure everything is being done correctly.

Although Community Development Director Bruce Chatterton said they don't have the experts to know if it's being enforced properly.

"We are not really in the business of regulating mining and probably we shouldn't be," said Chatterton. "A future change would probably be to see if we want to allow gravel mining at all in the City of Meridian."