Pitbull on the loose shot by owner of Chihuahua on the loose

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Last Thursday a pit bull was shot by a neighbor at the 2500 block of Five Mile road. Boise Police say that the shooter had a Chihuahua that had gotten out and he was being attacked by Bella the pit bull who also got loose.

"Since he heard the commotion, he said he came out and she was charging and shot her. The man that shot her, the kid actually that shot her," Carey Few said

Carey, the dog's owner thought Bella was dead as she drove to the emergency room, the dog barely able to stay awake. After more than $11,000 worth of surgery to repair Bella's shattered rear leg and damaged colon Bella made it back home.

The obvious question is: where did the bullet come from if there is a bullet hole in Bella's rear leg and she was charging the neighbor? "If she was charging he would have shot her in the head," Few said.

Police state the shooter said he had no choice but to fire at Bella. Boise Police also add they confirmed there is a problem with dogs out on the run in the area. The neighbor who admits to shooting the dog says nobody knows what happened and he was told by police not to talk about it.

The dog's owner could be cited for letting Bella loose. The neighbor who admits to shooting the dog was asked if he wanted to give his side of the story and he said he will tell it in court.