Photo: Three dogs stand guard for fawn caught in Idaho wildfire

KAMIAH, Idaho (KBOI) -- Boise resident Louis Armstrong made the trip up north to Kamiah earlier this week to check on his family's property.

Thankfully, the Armstrong home had been saved from wildfire, but much of the property had burned. When he continued his tour of the area to his family's tree farm Monday morning, he spotted three of his neighbor's dogs laying on the ground.

Just a few feet away was a dead fawn. And the dogs weren't moving.

"They were definitely trying to protect it," Armstrong said. "I thought it was pretty amazing."

Armstrong grabbed a photo of the scene and continued on. Later in the day, he stopped by once again and the dogs were still there. He estimates the dogs stayed with the fawn for about 13 hours -- until sunset.

"It was really kind of a moving," Armstrong said. "It was beautiful given all the destruction."
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