People gear up for an early start to float season

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Even though the water is still cold, people are gearing up for the early start to float season on the Boise River.

Although the business that runs raft rentals at Barber Park says a longer season doesn't mean more business. At Epley's in Boise, they are prepping their rafts for Friday.

Owner Steve Zeller said the way to judge how good a season will be for them is not the number of days, but how many of those days are 95 degrees or above.

"If you start in July or you start in June certain amount of people are going to do it a certain amount of times regardless," said Zeller.

Many who braved the river Monday told us they were trying to get some relief from the hot weather. Although many admit the water was still very cold. It was just over 50 degrees.

It's unknown what effect water levels will have later in the season. Due to the low snow pack some farmers have been told to plan for irrigation being cut off earlier than expected. It's unclear if that will have an effect on floaters depending on the water levels.