Paying to get torn off reflectors back on the road

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - ACHD are working on repairing damage caused by snow plows over the winter. Especially reflectors that come in different shapes and many different colors. At 64 cents each replacing the road reflectors can get costly after labor and putting them down with glue.

ACHD says that old snow plow blades are the ones that do the most damage to road reflectors as well as fading the paint on the road.

Although they say that new blades can detect when there's an object on the road and can skip over the reflector. Nicole Pineda of ACHD says, "The new blades are helping, it's a little spotty so we're working on that. We're also looking at getting more reflectors that are more resistant to the snow plow blades. So we're hoping by 2018 to have all new reflectors on the road that are more snow plow resistant."

Pineda says that there are close to 1,200 reflectors a year that need replacing. It cost around $60,000 to fix the reflectors out of the maintance budget.