Pastor: 'It takes you back to when all this happened'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Kay Lynn Jackson was on her way to the First Baptist Church in Boise when she was raped and murdered along the Greenbelt.

On Wednesday Boise Police announced a break in the case when they announced that Patrick Zacharias was named as the main suspect in the case. He was arraigned in court just a few hours later.

Senior Pastor Bruce Young had only been in Boise for three years when the murder happened on Palm Sunday back in 1998. The news brought relief for those who had wanted answers for so long, but for many it also opened old wounds.

"Probably even more powerful feeling was sadness because it takes you back to when all this happened, and the lives it affected including mine," said Young.

Many described Kay Lynn as a quite and kind person who looked out for others, and was very involved in her church. There is still a plaque dedicated to her which hangs in one of the rooms there.

Pastor Young says while this new information may be hard for some to handle he says the congregation is comforted by their faith.

"We are comforted with the fact that she is with the lord, and we are comforted with the fact that we believe in god," said Young, "And that he sees and he knows and one day he will judge."