Parents try to get buses back at New Horizons School

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - The Nampa School Board voted unanimously to start a committee to try and solve issues surrounding no busing at new Horizons School. This comes as the school's enrollment drops by more than 100.

Dozens of parents showed up to give their concerns about safety issues they've seen with more cars coming to the school.

The district saved $300,000 by cutting bus service, which they can do by law because it's an open enrollment school with no set boundaries. Parents were hoping to bring back at least two buses at a cost of $90,000, but the district doesn't even have the money for that.

One option to get busing back would be to cut down to a four day school week while adding extra hours to each day. While it would still meet state requirements for this year, the district would have to decide by October 1st and the teachers union would have to approve the move.

PTA members also gave suggestions including a system where each parent pays a monthly bus fee per child.

The new committee approved at Tuesday nights meeting will consist of parents and administrators who will be tasked with trying to find a way to improve safety and possibly get bus service back.