Otter movie gets re-cut, governor unaware of new film's sex scenes

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Then Lt. Gov. Butch Otter had a minor role in a low budget movie in the early 1990s that later, in a re-released version, included some spicy sex scenes.

As the story goes, says Jon Hanian, Otter spokesman, the former lieutenant governor traveled to California to encourage producers about filmmaking in Idaho. After the movie, 'A Time to Revenge' was set to shoot in the Gem State, Otter helped supply horses for the movie.

Hanian said when he got there, the producer had a small sheriff role in the movie, and asked Otter whether he'd like to be in the film. He agreed after reading over the script.

The Idaho Post Register, which received a copy of the movie, described the sex scenes as "soft core pornography" with simulated sex scenes and full frontal nudity.

Otter doesn't appear in any of the racy stuff.

The film's production went belly up financially and had to cut their losses and sell the film.

The new owners of the film added sex scenes to the new version of the film long after Otter had made his film debut.

Hanian says the scenes were not in the original cut of film.

There were a lot of B list stars in it originally, (including Elizabeth Berkley from 'Saved by the Bell') but many were cut from the final version. Otter, as it stands, survived the final cut.

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