Oregon woman hopes Facebook post leads to brother adopted at birth

PORTLAND, Ore. - Amy Lynn Meyer posted a picture on Facebook Thursday, hoping it will lead her to her long-lost brother.

"We've been looking for him for a while," Meyer said, "We've never had the right resources, and now Facebook can be the way to do it."

The photo shows Amy holding a framed chalkboard with basic information and a plea.

The message says: "Are you my brother?? You were born on 3-18-81 at Portland Adventist Hospital in Oregon. Your birth family wants to find you! My name is Amy Meyer, please share this photo & help our family find him!"

Meyer hopes it leads to finding her long-lost oldest brother. Of course, her other brother and her mother hope the same thing.

"She's nervous," Meyer said. "I mean, she cries just thinking about it 'cause she thinks about him all the time. He's kind of a missing piece to our family. It's her first son."

Meyer and her mom tracked down all the boys born at Portland Adventist on March 18, 1981. There were about 100 names.

No luck.

They know a family in the Portland area, who guarded their privacy, adopted her brother.

"That's why my mom didn't really try too hard to reach out any sooner than this," Meyer said. "But now we feel kind of compelled that maybe it is the right thing to's been thirty years or so.... so I'm hoping he's probably curious"

They've seen other Facebook successes, including a recent reunion of a daughter and father at PDX, and a homeless Portland man whose picture went viral and put him back in touch with his daughter.

Meyer can only hope, and wait, for social media success of her own.

"It'd be awesome," she said. "It'd make our lives all complete, I think. And i would hope that he would feel that same way.