Oregon shooter's father also asks why; details emerge about failed dream

PORTLAND, Ore. - The father of the man who opened fire at the Clackamas Town Center hasn't made any public statements about what happened, but a friend, acting as his spokesperson, said he is as confused as everyone else.

She said Jake Roberts' father and all his close friends are in the dark about what happened.

She said Jake and his father, Kurt, hadn't spoken in the last two years and after high school Roberts' got in with the wrong crowd and butted heads with his father over it.

"To all of the victims, our deepest apologies. We know how they feel and we're full of sorrow. We are grieving for the other families, and you don't know how sorry we are. Kurt is very, very heartbroken."

Another person who knew Jake Roberts, but didn't want to be identified, said Roberts was hoping to buy the restaurant he worked at until four days before the shooting: Big Bertha's Greek Deli on Southeast Hawthorne.

On his Facebook page Roberts wrote: "I am one of the few people that can say I love my job and actually mean it."

The person said Roberts told the owner he had inheritance to spend and wanted to make additional payments on the restaurant. But the owner sold to another group of people because it made better financial sense. Roberts took the decision hard.

In October Roberts changed the cover photo on his Facebook page to read: "Follow your dreams: cancelled." KATU News has been told that fits the time frame when he learned he wouldn't get to buy the restaurant.

The owner of Big Bertha's is reportedly devastated.

There is now a memorial outside the deli.

Hannah Sansburn, Roberts' former girlfriend, said the restaurant meant a lot to him.

"He loved his job. His job was his life. He made gyros, and the owner was like his best friend. So it was a lot of fun for him," she said.

Questions remain, however.

Some friends have doubted whether Jake Roberts had inheritance to spend. Some wonder whether he ever really planned to move to Hawaii as he said. And some question whether he really wanted to buy the restaurant.

The uncle of the restaurant owner said Jake Roberts was only disappointed that he would have a new boss at the restaurant.

There is so much conflicting information, which adds to the confusion of what may ultimately have played a role in setting Roberts off.

A spokesman for the sheriff's office said detectives are looking at every aspect of Jake Roberts' life and they're not ready yet to draw any conclusions about what set him off.