Oregon police catch a thief thanks to pepper-bacon hamburger

WEST LINN, Ore. -- Bill Gellos only left his house for 10 minutes Saturday night.

He was fiercely craving a pepper-bacon hamburger for dinner.

When he got back to his house along the river in West Linn, he says he walked straight into a crime in progress.

A strange Mercedes parked in his driveway.

An unfinished soda in the cup-holder.

And a thief running through his backyard with a blanket full of his possessions.

"As I got to my glass front door, I opened it, then I saw someone running," says Gellos. "I dropped my Burgerville and gave chase."

The receipt from Bill's uneaten dinner - still on the couch where he dropped it - shows 5 p.m. on the dot.

Gellos said he chased the thief around the house to the front lawn.

"I was just angry someone was in my house stealing my things," said Gellos, who tackled the thief after he slipped.

Gellos and his roommate held the stranger down until West Linn police officers arrived three minutes later.

Officers identified the suspect as Ezekiel "Zeke" Kirk Stroschein.

Detectives processed evidence and booked Stroschein into the Clackamas County Jail on charges of burglary, theft, meth possession and violating parole.

Police also towed the white Mercedes parked in the driveway.

Turns out, it was stolen.

West Linn police blame Stroschein for that crime, too, accusing him of stealing it within the last several weeks in Portland.

They charged him with unauthorized use of a vehicle, as well.