Ore. mom shocked at video that shows neighbor throwing son to ground

SALEM, Ore. - What neighbors say started as a Saturday evening game of karate with a broomstick turned into a serious brawl when a woman became angry after her boy refused to fight 8-year-old Leland Brown.

Video shows the woman grabbing Leland by the throat, then throwing him to the ground.

"And after that she grabbed me by my neck," Brown said, "and she, and then she'd put rocks behind the pipe where she threw me on my back."

Neighbors say it wasn't a karate demonstration.

Brown's mother says the woman was angry.

"And she just became upset," says Brown's mom Candra Yoneda. "I mean, I don't really know what her problem was with him."

Candra Yoneda went and confronted the woman.

Neighbors called in Salem police.

Yoneda says officers watched the video a couple of times, and decided to cite the woman for harassment.

She believes the woman should have been taken to jail.

"If that were to be me outside and I would have choked by son and thrown him to the ground, I would be all over headlines," she said. "I would be the worst mother in the world. I would be in jail. My children would be taken away. You know, I would probably have child endangerment charges for doing it in front of other people's children."

The On Your Side Investigators went to the apartment of the woman involved, but no one answered the door.

Candra Yoneda says her neighbor apologized for what she did, but that's not enough.

She believes police should take a tougher stand.

"I don't assault my child that way," she said. "What makes her think that she could, and get away with it?"

The harassment charge carries a possible six month jail term and $2,500 fine.