'Oh gosh how much of my house is still standing'

MIDDLETON, Idaho (KBOI) - A man drove his car into a neighbors home, and ruptured a gas line which forced fire fighters to evacuate parts of the neighborhood. The man's actions also scared some neighbors.

According to police, around 11:30 pm Saturday, a 38 year old man suddenly drove his car through his half open garage and backed into a yard across the street. The man then turned his car and drove into another neighbors fence and ruptured the gas line.

The owner of the home Daniel Tuttle wasn't there at the time, but quickly came home after police called him the next morning.

"Made a beeline home thinking oh gosh how much of my house is still standing," said Tuttle. "Came to what looks like somewhat minimal damage."

Other neighbors who were home at the time reported the man who was driving the car acted very strange. They report him calling out for help, but then refusing to let anyone get close to him.

Other people said they feared for their safety because the man was acting so erratic.

Deputies did have to detain the man for not complying, and neighbors said he struggled all the way to the ambulance.

As of Sunday the man was still in the hospital according to the Canyon County Sheriff's Office. No charges have been filed and the case is still under investigation.