Off-leash trial period a success at Ann Morrison?

BOISE, Idaho- Geese have been a big problem at Ann Morrison Park. So, for the past three months the has allowed dogs to go off-leash in hopes of scaring the birds away.

"It's a lot easier letting them play when they can be off the leash," said Erica Lopez, who takes her two dogs to Ann Morrison.

Lopez says her only hesitation is other aggressive dogs running up to her dogs, but that never ended up happening.

This is the first time Shanna Raush has heard of off-leash times at the park.

"I didn't think in such a busy park they would allow something like that," Raush said.

The idea behind the off-leash period was to have dogs intimidate the birds out of main park areas. However, some were concerned the geese would be killed.

Folks in the park never reported seeing dogs trying to hurt the geese, but another problem may have surfaced during the trial period.

"Ah, poop," Raush said.

Not goose poop, which, again, has always been an issue. We're talking about dog poop.

"Some people just aren't picking it up," Raush said.

It seems the problem may have gotten worse over the last couple of months and that may encourage the city to expire off-leash times for good.

If the off-leash don't return to Ann Morrison it would be a real bummer for dog owners who are looking for a park with wide open spaces. Their suggestion is having "pooper scooper" stations like city dog parks have.

The trial period just ended so make sure you have your dog on a leash at this point. Bicycle cops are patrolling and will give you a ticket for having your dog off-leash. A ticket will cost you $75 per dog.