NTSB releases new report on Steve Appleton fatal airplane crash

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The National Transportation Safety Board has released a new report on the plane crash that killed Micron CEO Steve Appleton.

In February of 2012, Appleton's single-engine plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the Boise Airport.

KBOI 2news obtained a copy of the 23-page report Tuesday evening.

The report indicates previously released details about the moment leading up to the crash.

"The airplane completed about one revolution and impacted terrain in a nose-low attitude. The airplane came to rest in a dirt area between runways 10R and 10L, and a fire started upon impact."

The report also sheds light on Appleton's love of flying and adventure and how everything in his personal life seemed to be fine.

"Various sources indicate that the pilot had owned over 20 airplanes and participated in various air shows," the report states. "The pilot was described as having a passion for high-risk recreation."

The cause of the crash not not been determined at this time, but investigators are now one step closer to finding out what happened.

The NTSB also interviewed a corporate pilot for Micron, who manned the controls on the plane involved in the crash.

"The corporate pilot further stated that the accident airplane was the most responsive airplane he had ever flown," the report states. "He described the airplane as characteristically having an abundant amount of power and that the controls needed very little pressure/manipulation to maneuver the airplane."

Click here to read the full NTSB report.