'Nickel sack' video goes viral

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho (KBOI) - Video of Kootenai County Sheriff deputies questioning two men went viral after one officer thought he heard one of them talk about a nickel sack, which is a small bag of marijuana.

The officer in the video said, "I am watching you get out of your car, he says, 'yea nickel sack' for sure." The driver responds with, "No... Nickelback. That guy was blaring Nickelback. Yes he was. I am the one that said it. I said, 'he's blaring Nickelback."

A lieutenant for the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office said there was an investigation regarding the stop.

"Unfortunately, this has generated a significant amount of feedback from the public," Lt. Stu Miller said. "It was brought to our attention, nobody made a personal complaint against it, they posted on our Facebook account."

Miller that there was an internal investigation over the stop with the two deputies but he could not tell KBOI what actions were taken. He did say the investigation is done with and the two deputies are still on duty.

"It has been addressed, it has been investigated, it has been dealt with, and we are moving forward," Miller said.

Miller said there is more to the story that he can't talk about. He mentioned that whoever posted the video to You tube edited the video. Lt. Miller said you don't see the beginning or the end of the video and mentioned that the deputies told him that the two men apologized to the officers at the end of the situation.

Miller said that the deputy's in the video didn't have any dash cam video because they had shut off their car to fill up for gas when they ran into the two men.

The sheriff's office said that the two men that were questioned were let go at the scene. Miller said that no charges were filed against the two men.