New veterans community coming to Caldwell

The Idaho Veterans Garden is only a two minute walk from the site of the Wa22iors project.

Throughout the country and here in Idaho many miltary veterans struggle to keep a roof over their heads.

It's a problem three local non-profit organizations are teaming up to combat.

Warriors 22 (Wa22iors) Never Forgotten, the Idaho Veterans Garden, and Canyon County Habitat for humanity are pooling their resources and are putting a plan in motion to create a community in Caldwell where veterans can find affordable housing.

"The veteran community is in dire need of some help which all of our houses are designed around people getting a hand up," said Rich Cron, the contrcution manager for Canyon County Habitat for Humanity.

The plan is fairly simple, however very daring.

It starts a two minute walk away from the Idaho Veterans Garden, where a single home sits on a nearly 4 acre plot of land.

The groups are planning to purchase that land to be the new site of the Wa22iors project.

After that they will completely repair and remodel the existing home and then build 9 other homes on the land.

Each home will cost about $120,000 to construct, which puts the total cost of the project at $1.2 million.

All of the construction will take place over the course of about 3 years.

Canyon County Habitat for Humanity will finance the homes, giving the buyers a zero interest loan to make payments more than reasonably affordable.

The idea is that having stable housing and not having to worry too much about paying the bills will help veterans stabilize all aspects of their lives.

June Pugmire, the founder of Wa22iors Never Forgotten, hopes these homes wil help curb suicide rates within the veteran community.

"The veterans that come home and they're struggling and they're struggling and it's like they're just looking for someone just to give them that little bit of something just to pick them up; to say everything's going to be okay," said Pugmire.

These homes are an opportunity for more than just the non-profits to be that guiding force for veterans. The idea for this to be a community undertaking full of volunteerism, sponsorships, and donations.

Community involvement won't only show the public's commitment to the cause, it will also make a tangible difference.

The more that is donated, and sponsored, and volunteered; the lower the pricetag on each house.

Canyon County Habitat for Humanity is financing the houses at cost, so if the cost is less then so are the loans the occupants will pay.

To get involved with the project or to apply to get into one of the homes contact Canyon County Habitat for Humanity at (208) 463-0864 and ask about the Warriors 22 project.