New traffic stop slows down drivers but helps nearby businesses

GARDEN CITY, Idaho (KBOI) - A new traffic stop is slowing drivers down a little in Garden City, but neighbors say a safer intersection is worth it. The new lights were turned on Wednesday morning at the State Street and Bogart Lane.

"There's always a bunch of accidents here," said Tyler Owen, who owns a business by the intersection. "We've been here for about 17 years, and we see tons of accidents."

Owen says before the light came in, it was very dangerous to turn on and off of Bogart Lane with the busy traffic and high speeds on State Street.

"This is a safety feature Garden City has been requesting for quite some time now," said Nicole Pineda, spokeswoman for the Ada County Highway District.

The request was finally granted because a new apartment is coming in by the intersection, on the North side of State Street. Because of the extra traffic the complex will attract, it was required that the developer work with Ada County Highway District and Idaho Transportation Department to get the light put in.

The light comes with new sidewalks and crosswalks, making the area safer for pedestrians as well.

Owen believes the renovated intersection even has perks beyond added safety.

"It helps traffic to see the businesses that are along State Street, so they'll be slowing down at the stop lights and seeing more of the businesses around here," Owen said.