New program aims to help prevent teen suicides

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The Idaho Lives Project is teaming up with the Department of Education & Suicide Prevention Network to put in place programs to help students and teacher better identify warning signs of suicide.

The group is hoping to implement programs that will teach students and teachers about what to look for and how to help someone thinking about suicide.

Idaho ranks 6th in the nation for teen suicide rate. The program would be taught in schools, and certain teachers would get special training so students could go to them with concerns.

Experts claim that it's usually not one event that leads to suicide, and it's preventable if people know the signs.

"Sometimes people can get the impression that one thing caused the suicide and that's never really the case," said Kim Kane Program Director of ILP. "It's never about one single event there are a multitude of risk factors that lead to suicide and make people vulnerable."

The program is paid for by a grant from the federal government. Other schools will soon be able to get on board as well.