New parking meters in Boise mark the end of an era

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- The new parking meter sensors being used by the City of Boise look like hockey pucks and some drivers may think they're getting hit with a slap shot.

That's because the new technology will make it impossible to cash in on somebody else's already-paid-for parking.

When a car pulls away from the new parking meters, the sensors automatically erase any paid-for but unused time left on the meters."

We found mixed reactions to that concept.

And City Hall says the new sensor-meter combos will eliminate "the abuse" of the free 20 minute parking.
"We're still allowing the free 20 minutes," said Craig Croner, administrative services manager with the city. "But you're not going to be able to keep going out there and pushing the button and keep getting the free 20 minutes."

But the new meters do not take city parking cards, a program Croner says will eventually be phased out.

City Hall says it will look into refunding those city parking cards.
With four years, expect to see some 800 new meters (which take credit or debit cards) in downtown Boise.