New law to tame down Idaho neighborhood HOA's

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - A new law that goes into effect this week is designed to limit the powers a homeowners association can enforce on its residents.

State Senator Jim Rice backed a bill that would require an association's board to to pass a majority vote before issuing fines or penalties to a homeowner. According to the bill, the homeowner would also have to be given 30 days notice of that meeting for the vote.

As of July 1, the bill would also keep associations from fining a homeowner if they are making a good-faith effort to solve the problem with the association.

Patrick Burry, a treasurer for the Falling Brooke II subdivision, says his neighborhood doesn't work that way and doesn't have issues where the association has to be "evil" to a homeowner.

"We don't really have to spend a whole lot of time telling somebody that they need to do this or they need to do that," Burry says.

But others neighborhoods aren't so fond of their board members.

"I don't even want an HOA, I don't need an HOA. I don't need a man standing in my yard telling me what I can and cant do," Jean Jones said of her association.