New dividers on Eagle Road get mixed reviews

MERIDIAN, Idaho (KBOI) -- Eagle Road has changed with the addition of yellow road dividers but not all of you agree it's a change for the better.

"We are not impressed with it," said Ki McLaughlin with DG Turf Farm on Eagle Road. "It's a pain as far as pulling out and getting cars in here."

The whole purpose of the new design is safety.

It's intended to keep you from turning against traffic, from making an uncontrolled turn against traffic.

The dividers along Eagle Road force you to turn with the traffic.

The City of Meridian and law enforcement say the road dividers will stop you from turning into on-coming traffic and guide you to signals where it's safer to turn.

At Shockra Salon on Eagle Road, the dividers are also getting a bad rap.

"I'd come to see Sara at this business regardless of Eagle Road," said Tausha Larsen, a loyal customer, "but it is more inconvenient."

"Definitely it deters new clients from coming in," said Sara Johnson, who works at the salon. "It's inconvenient and out of the way."

But a spokesman for the Idaho Transportation Department says road dividers have decreased congestion and improved safety in other parts of the country where they are being used.

It appears the new way of driving Eagle Road will take some getting used to.