New cab in Boise will run on french fry oil

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - The next time you are munching on Fries from the Boise Fry Company you may be happy to know your meal is helping to power local cabs.

Recab will soon have older model Mercedes Benz cars that have been converted to run on bio-diesel. One of the owners James Orr got the idea from his love of vintage cars and the environment.

"Whenever I realize these cars are as reliable as they are and they could be used in such an eco friendly way that's what spawned the whole concept," said Orr.

The cabs won't be on the road until at least mid May but the idea is already getting interest in larger cities like Seattle, and Portland. Bio-diesel cars put off much less C02 pollution than regular cabs, and because it comes from used vegetable oil it has less of a carbon footprint.