New BSU tailgating rules allow drinking farther from stadium

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - New tailgating rules kicked in Saturday for Boise State's home opener, but not many people outside the stadium were aware of the "10 to 10 Zone."

Drinking alcohol is allowed in an expanded area from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. for home football games, but not many were tailgating outside the stadium parking lot Saturday.

"I'm probably going to stay closer to the stadium where a lot of the action is," said BSU student Craig Heath, "but a lot of people, they'll probably venture out and go a little farther away."

The so-called "10 to 10 Zone" refers to the time period when drinking is permitted, and it extends from parts of Julia Davis Park south to Beacon Street. The eastern border is Broadway Avenue, and the area goes as far west as Capitol Boulevard.

"I know the park is a great place for people to hang out," said Cindy Schaffeld of Boise, "and now people can hang out there... and drink responsibly and still have a good time without getting a ticket."

Police say the goals of the new rules are to reduce the number of open container tickets issued and the number of problems in neighborhoods near the stadium. Another goal is to allow officers to focus on "other, more pressing safety on game days like behavior that threatens safety."

The pilot project expires June 1, 2014. Police will re-evaluate at that time.