New book on motherhood features five Idaho authors

BOISE - A new book featuring five Idaho authors is celebrating motherhood.

It's called the "Book of Mom: Reflections and Memories of Motherhood with Love, Hope and Faith."

Treasure Valley publisher Andre Gensburger says out of 50 entries in a writing contest, 14 stories were selected, including the five local authors.

The stories include an adopted child seeking out her birth mother, a mother giving up her child for adoption and a mother raising a child with special needs.

"I think it's the power of motherhood," Gensburger said. "I think people tend to think that very simply these days - oh, I'm having a baby, I'm a mommy. And it's sort of understood in a very simple way. And what the book shows with the story range that's in there, not just from their moms, but from their children, is the complexity, the depth, the power, the raw emotions that go with it."

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