Neighbors notice flames, and risk their lives to help

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI ) -- When a Boise house went up in flames, neighbors say they acted quick and risked their lives to make sure no one was inside. One neighbor on Sunrise Rim Drive said he heard a loud pop next door and when he looked over, he saw a fire. That's when he said he called 911, while his wife ran over to make sure no one was inside. He said his wife grabbed two dogs inside and continued checking rooms.

That's when another neighbor, Paul Wilson, said he ran over to help too.

"It's terrible to have your whole life go up in smoke and flames," Wilson said.

He said it was a terrifying experience running inside a home engulfed with smoke, but wanted to check and make sure no one was home as well. He said he noticed a cat was running around, but that's when he said he heard loud "boom" and realized he had to leave quick.

"I heard a loud explosion in the kitchen, and the windows started cracking and i noticed the garage door was open about six inches, so i thought the cat's going to have to find it's way out the door," Wilson said. "I can't be trying to save a cat and be dying inside the house- the smoke was getting to me anyway."

Wilson said he grabbed a garden hose and tried fight the flames, but he said he noticed it was too late.

Fire crews got to the home and spent about an hour fighting the intense heat and smoke. Firefighters say they not only focused on knocking down the flames in the house, but crews also worked to keep the fire away from nearby homes..

"Areas in the back, you've got a yard, and some grass and it burnt down to the canal and started spreading on either side near the canal," Boise Fire Battalion Chief Thomas Pawek said.

Another neighbor said she lost part of her fence, but it could have been a lot worse. All the neighbors KBOI spoke with said they are so thankful to the crews that worked to keep the flames contained.

"Thank god for those firefighters who know what they're doing," Wilson said.