Neighbors help save belongings from a house on fire

MIDDLETON, Idaho (KBOI) -A man trying to burn some weeds ends up accidentally setting part of his house on fire. While he tired to put out the fire neighbors helped clear items out of harms way.

Chief White Eagle was a former fire fighter who thought he could do a controlled burn to get rid of weeds next to his home. Once the flames hit a nearby tree it quickly moved up onto his roof.

He grabbed a hose and climbed onto his roof to begin battling the flames. While he was doing that neighbors saw what was happening and ran into his home to save some of his stuff.

White Eagle admits it was a bad idea to try and burn the weeds. Even though he had never met his neighbors he was thankful they stopped to help.

"These people come from nowhere I didn't know who they were or what," said White Eagle. "I thank them all for helping me got a lot of stuff out of the house my wife will thank them for that."

The flames destroyed part of the roof and fire fighters had to tear out parts to make sure the fire was out.

No one was hurt during the fire and most of his belongs were saved.