Neighbor 'would have never expected a 4-year-old getting shot'

ONTARIO, Oregon (KBOI) - Police are searching for a man who they say took off after a 4-year-old boy was shot late Saturday.

"Figured it was maybe just like drugs, someone got raided, something like that," John Luft said. "I would have never expected a 4-year-old getting shot."

Luft lives in the apartment complex where the gun went off. He said he's been there just three months, but in that time, cops have been at work more than once in the area. He called it a "sketchy neighborhood."

"When I'm walking out around midnight, I keep my guard up," Luft said.

When officers searched the apartment, they found a gun and stolen property from recent burglaries in the area.

Ontario police are looking for Juan Jose Moreno-Alvarez, 33. They say he was at the home when the boy was shot. He is considered armed and dangerous.

"It's a shame, it's a shock, actually, in a small community like this," said Gary Anderson of Payette. "We do not have, you know, crimes like that on a common basis and stuff, especially with a child involved."

The bullet hit the 4-year-old's arm, and he was taken to the hospital. It's unclear who was holding the gun or how it went off, but Moreno-Alvarez is wanted for assault. The boy is expected to live.