Negotiations continue between Nampa teachers and district

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Reprsentatives for the Nampa Teachers Association say they will need to talk with their members about the 14 furlough days the district wants to have next year.

The move would save about $2.6 million to help fill the budget gap. The district also wants to make other reductions in the next contract for things like health care and insurance.

However, both sides did come to a tentative agreement on sick time and other leave for teachers.

The 14 furlough days would be taken throughout the year and would mostly effect teacher service time. Although five days of school would be cut for students, the district would still have to make up the time to meet state requirements. To do that they will add 4 min to everyday which will offset the furloughs.

Teachers we talked with tonight say there counter offer will include furloughs, but likely will not be as many.