Nearly $350 million of bonds and levies approved for West Ada, Boise school districts

West Ada and Boise school districts approved for millions of tax payer dollars. (KBOI photo)

Huge improvements are coming to the Boise and West Ada School districts.

This is after voters approved nearly $35 million worth of bonds and levies for the two biggest districts in our state.

Boise school district's $172 million bond passed with 86 percent of voters; that's more than 22 thousand people who voted "yes." The district plans to build six new schools and improve all 48 schools in the district with that money.

For example, Whittier Elementary School as originally built in 1949 for 300 students but, in 2017, the building is overcrowded with 531 students.

There are 12 portable buildings around the main building, some of them are 15 years old.

Whittier is one of the six schools in the district to be rebuilt. | Election Results

West Ada school district asked for $16 million per year over the next 10 years. It's a levy they've asked voters to approve several times in recent years.

The levy needed a 60 percent vote to pass; 63 percent of voters said yes.

A spokesman for West Ada school district says the levy will go toward building maintenance and purchasing new school sites.

The districts said if their bonds and levies were to not pass, they would've likely had to drop maintenance budgets, takes school days off the calendar and take away money from teaching.