Navy vet on overturn of same-sex marriage ban: 'I'm thrilled'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) -- Navy veteran Madelynn Taylor believes now that a federal judge has overturned Idaho's ban on same-sex marriage, her dream of being buried -- or inurned -- along with the ashes of her late wife in Idaho's Veterans Cemetery will become a reality.

"I'm thrilled, absolutely thrilled," she told KBOI News Wednesday. "I was asleep. Somebody called and woke me up and said the judge has ruled. We win!"

Taylor legally married Jean Mixner in California and later the couple moved to Idaho.

Mixner died in 2012 and the 74-year-old Taylor planned to have Mixner's ashes placed next to hers when she died in Idaho's Veterans Cemetery.

But the state said no, citing Idaho's ban on same-sex marriages.

On Monday, Taylor filed the paperwork to have her ashes and the ashes of her late wife placed at Veterans Cemetery after Madelynn passes.

Cemetery officials told Taylor they would make a ruling.

But now a federal judge has made a ruling of her own, a ruling that has changed everything for individuals such as Madelynn Taylor.