Nampa students back to bigger classes next week

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) -- Students head back to school in Nampa next Tuesday and they'll see larger classes in general this year.

But just how big those class sizes will be has yet to be determined and ultimately depends on the number of students who register.

"So we do expect to see some larger class sizes," said school district spokeswoman Allison Westfall. "Particularly in the electives at the high school and some areas in the elementary."

When summer started, the school district needed to hire some 150 new employees, mostly teachers.

Westfall says that's almost complete with just ten vacancies left to fill.
"And we knew traditionally some areas that we struggle to get people in right away, special education, occupational therapists," she said. "That's the same this year as it has been in the past."

The school district and the Nampa Education Association have yet to sign a contract.

As part of its effort to dig out from a staggering five million dollar deficit, the district is proposing 14 furlough days for some teachers.

And Westfall says this school year will have about five percent fewer teachers as compared to last year.