Nampa levy passes, taxpayers leery money will be used right

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) -- Nampa voters said yes to a $6.7 million levy that will be used for the next two years. The levy is paid for by taxpayers, but many Nampa residents say they are reluctant to trusting the money will be used properly.

"I think spending money on an education is a very worth while use of my tax dollars," Marcia Dewing said. "I do want to support the school, I do want the teachers to get paid, they work very hard: I just want them to get back to a more fundamental curriculum. "

Marcia Dewing says she has a grandson in the district and doesn't mind spending the money on students, but she has problems about what's being taught in the classroom.

"I would feel far more comfortable about the levy passing, and i voted against it, if the teachers and the school curriculum was geared more towards the old fashioned reading writing and arithmetic," Dewing said. "This common core is insane."

John Davis says he will gladly pay out his pocket if it helps students suceed in the classroom. But he says he's lost his trust in the district after two years of financial problems.

"I think it's necessary with all the problems we're having in Nampa," Davis said. "I'm glad to see the new superintendent coming in. I would hope the voters in the Nampa School District would now vote out and get new school board members in as well and have a whole change in the administration, then maybe we can get things right."

In 2012 a massive budgeting error left the Nampa School District scrambling and in a deficit that totaled more than $5 million. The incoming superintendent, David Peterson, said the cash is needed to help the district move forwad. The district says they'll hire teachers and reinstate contract days that were taken away last year.

"The kids in Nampa deserve every bit as good of an education of the kids in the neighboring district and to do that we have to have a supplemental levy," Peterson said.

Taxpayers say as long as there are changes, they are willing to help.

"I don't have the children in the district, but i still believe it's part of my responsibility to give to the community and that's one of the few taxes i don't mind paying," John Davis said.

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The Idaho Education Association issued a statement:

The Idaho Education Association would like to offer congratulations and heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported the school levies in districts all around Idaho. Because of the tireless work and dedication of teachers, parents and communities, the vast majority of school levies passed in yesterday's elections.

The passage of these levies will help to bridge significant funding gaps in many local districts. We are gratified that so many local communities have stepped up to provide resources and support for their students and teachers. Everyone benefits when our children are given access to a quality public education that prepares them for future endeavors.

We also recognize that many school districts and communities are stretched extremely thin financially and that we are at or near a tipping point regarding local levies. That is why it is imperative that state legislators fulfill their obligation to fully fund public education. We are encouraged by the initial steps taking during this legislative session to restore operational funding and compensate professional educators, but there is much work yet to be done in striving to establish the education system that Idaho deserves.