Nampa family finally reunited

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Brian and Rebecca Preece were cleared to have their adopted son Gabriel finally come home to the Idaho.

The family was worried about not being able to still have him after the Russian Parliament passed a law banning all adoptions to the US. Experts say it was in retaliation to US trade sanctions.

Because the Preece family had already finished their paperwork before the law went into effect they were allowed to take him home. Although when they went to pick him up last month they were told not and it had to go through the court system. Their Supreme Court ruled the adoption was legitimate and allowed him to go. Rebecca had been in Moscow for nearly a month and was finally able to come home with her new son.

Friends and family came out to greet her and meet their new sibling. Rebecca hopes the ban will soon be lifted. Her son Gabriel has down syndrome and according to her Russia doesn't have the infrastructure like the US to deal with special needs children. She says those are the kids who are hurt the most by this ban.