Nampa clerks knock off fake five money maker

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Nampa police say Saturday 37 year old Jason Janes was trying to exchange a printer at a big box store when he tried to pass a fake five dollar bill. A cashier there called police and was able to keep him there. When Nampa police showed up they found fake fives on Janes and more when they went to his house.

"That led to a search of his residence where items used to manufacture counterfeit bills were found as well as other bills at his residents and other denominations," Sgt Joe Ramirez said from Nampa Police Department.

One clerk says Janes tried to pass off his fake fives at her store but she wasn't fooled a bit. "When I looked at them I was like did you wash these cause they were terrible. Something told me to hit them with a pen and they turned up black right away. I was like 'I can't accept these, these are not good," Jennifer Messner said.

Police say Janes hit about six stores in the Nampa area and targeted gas stations because he thought the cashiers wouldn't notice. Messner said, "He wasn't able to pass them here at all, they were terrible, I noticed them right away. Maybe if you were a clerk and you had a line and you were rushing through, you might get away with it. They were pretty terrible."

Janes has been charged by Nampa police with possession of fictitious bills, possession of counterfeiting apparatus and burglary. Police say that Janes has a past history with them but not any counterfeiting arrest. Since counterfeiting is a federal offense, the Secret Service has been contacted and other charges may be added.