Nampa City Council asked to consider LGBT anti-discrimination

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Melisa Sue Robinson asked the Nampa City Council to consider adopting an ordinance that would give gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender protection from discrimination in jobs, and housing.

Mayor Tom Dale said he and the council would take her concerns under advisement.

During Robinson's time at the podium she gave examples of how she has been discriminated against when it comes to work, and housing. She also told of others in the LGBT community who have gone through much worse.

"I've heard from a few other people in the crowd that are of the LGBT group, who have been beat up here in Nampa for being gay," said Robinson. "Beaten up at the Walmart, beaten up in other places and that can't stand."

Six other cities in Idaho have adopted anti discrimination laws for LGBT residents. Boise was the most recent and largest city to do so.

It's unclear if the Nampa City Council will consider the issue in the future. A city spokesperson said the council can form committees to look into certain issues.