Nampa carjacking suspect caught, arrested in Montana

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Officials in Big Horn County, Montana say they have caught and arrested Rodney Seiber, 36, of Nampa.

The sheriff's department says Seiber was found in an outbuilding on a farm on the Crow Indian Reservation near the town of Garryowen, Montana.

Police say Seiber had stolen an ATV, but had driven it off a ravine and was back on foot.

Officials say a search and dog team tracking him to the outbuilding, where he gave up without incident.

Officers say that he appeared to be tired and ready to give up.

Deputies say they worked with officials from the Bureau of Indian Affairs in locating Seiber.

Police say Seiber has been on the run since last week when he stole a van from a Nampa business before crashing it and hiding in a nearby cornfield.

Officials had said that Seiber threatened suicide or suicide by cop rather than be arrested and go back to prison.

More details will be reported as they become available.