Nampa barista to be featured on Undercover Boss this week

NAMPA, Idaho (KBOI) - Banesa Ybarguen is a barista at Dutch Brothers Coffee in Nampa. The company's CEO, Travis Boersma worked undercover at her stand for the show Undercover Boss.

Banesa said she truly didn't know it was Undercover Boss until it was revealed to her later in the show. The actual scenes at the Nampa stand were shot over the summer.

She said the experience has already changed her outlook on things.

"You just have to be open to experiences and adventures, and welcome them, and great things will happen I just know it," said Ybarguen.

Banesa says she can't give many details on what happens in the show, but said Boersma worked as a "Broista" during his time at her stand.

She notes the term is something the company uses to describes employees, and their philosophy on how they work.

"We all consider each other family so he was a Broista like a brother versus a barista. Because it's about a lot more than just making someone's coffee it's about making someone's day."

On past shows others bosses have been known to reward employees they worked with during the show. Something normally featured at the end of the program.

The show is set to air Friday at 7 p.m.

Ybarguen said she plans to watch the show with friends, family, and a lot of Dutch Brothers employees.