'My story is inspiring them to work hard, so I need to work even harder'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Boone Bartlome surprised students and parents at the district wrestling tournament at Bishop Kelly High School on Friday. He took the opportunity to thank everyone who helped him after his injury.

Boone also took the opportunity talk with several people around the community who said he inspired them. Something Bartlome doesn't take for granted.

"To hear that you know is just like inspiring to me to work harder you know," said Bartlome. "My story is inspiring them to work hard so I need to work even harder to inspire more."

Bishop Kelly played a special role because that was the team Kuna High School was playing when BK when he broke his neck during a playoff game in November.

Boone said he appreciated the BK players joining his team in the middle of the field to pray after he was taken off. Many players from their team contacted him throughout his rehabilitation.