'My face hurt all night from smiling I mean it was just amazing'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - In a unanimous decision, the Idaho Supreme Court ruled that a decision to block a gay Boise couple from adopting based on their marital status was wrong.

Darcy Drake Simpson and her wife Rene were ecstatic after a ruling came down Monday for their adoption process to go forward.

"My face hurt all night from smiling, I mean it was just amazing," said Darcy.

Rene Simpson is the biological mother of their oldest child, and she legally adopted their youngest. After being together over 18 years the couple wanted to make things official by having Darcy adopt both children as well.

After going through part of the adoption process in the spring, and getting the go ahead, an Ada County magistrate judge threw out the adoption without any hearing.

The judge did this on grounds that "the petitioner must be in a lawfully recognized union."

The Idaho Supreme Court disagreed by citing words from state laws which say "[a]ny minor child may be adopted by any adult person residing in and having residence in Idaho."

The court's decision also applies to heterosexual people as well.

Because it said any adult person that not only makes gay couples eligible. It also includes grandparents, uncles, and other relatives looking to adopt as well regardless of sexual orientation or marital status.

One of Simpson's attorney's, Bill Mauk, said the ruling takes out any ambiguity for similar cases in the future.

Mauk represented another gay couple in an adoption case 15 years ago which didn't end up going through for what he calls "meddling." The couple didn't want a long legal battle so they stopped, but Mauk feels this case will make a huge difference going forward.

"I think it sends a clear message, really, to the public in Idaho that a bastion, or pillar, of bigotry has crumbled down," said Mauk.

The Simpsons said they are just glad they can now move forward. Darcy said she can't wait to see her name on her kid's birth certificate.

"It's like this huge weight is lifted off your shoulder that you finally are going to be acknowledged for what you've always been, and that's the kids mom," said Darcy.

The Simpsons will still have to appear in front of the same magistrate judge to finalize the adoption, but they're confident it will now go through.