Multiple car break-ins have police searching for thieves

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Most people think thieves smash car windows, grab your stuff and run. But here in the Treasure Valley, that's not the case. Most car break-ins are from people just leaving their doors unlocked.

"Vehicle burglaries is one of the more common issues we run into around here," said Sergeant Pat Schneider from the Ada County Sheriffs Office.

Seven cars so far have been broken into, from just one Northwest Boise neighborhood.

"It's a great neighborhood, got great neighbors...wouldn't expect it," said Jeff Dewitt, who lives in the area.

Dewitt is even willing to go to extremes to catch this thief.

"It kind of makes me want to put a camera in my rig to see if anyone is peering on in, to see if there's anything valuable in there and then catch their image," He said.

It all happened in the area of Horseshoe Bend and State Street. The crimes ranged from the North end of the neighborhood, all the way down to the Winco.

"We believe that this is a largely preventable crime, if people would just lock their cars and take their valuables out of their cars at night," said Sergeant Schneider.

And the most common items taken, might surprise you.

"Honestly we get a lot of stolen pistols out of cars. People like to leave their fire arms in their cars, which is extremely dangerous for the community because then there's a gun floating around in who knows whose hands after that," said Sergeant Schneider.

Preventing vehicle break-in's is pretty easy.

95% of car burglaries happen because of cars being left unlocked and valuables sitting in plain sight.

"Hopefully the catch these guys," said Dewitt.

The Ada County Sheriff's office says car burglaries happen more often than you think, It's actually one of the more common crimes here in the Treasure Valley.