MS won't stop Boise man from 'living the dream'

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Gordy Myre was first diagnosed with MS 24 years ago when he was only 32 years old. He says the disease is slowly taking away his control of parts of his body, like his left leg, and he sometimes slurs his speech.

He had to quit his job nine years ago because of MS, so now he spends his time volunteering at Whitney and Kuna elementary schools. Staying in shape is another important part of his life and he has a specially designed arm-powered bicycle to help him.

He owns a wheelchair, but the only time he uses it is for long distance strolls, like Walk MS. Aside from researching a cure for the disease, the National MS Society also provides financial support for people like Gordy, who was able to have his bathtub remodeled into an accessible shower.

What does the future hold for Gordy???

There's no way to know, but you can be sure whatever it is he'll face it with his contagious optimism.

"I always tell people when they ask how I'm doing I say 'I'm still living the dream. It's just a little bit different dream at the moment," says Gordy.