Mountain lion attacks two dogs off Bogus Basin Road

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Two dogs were attacked by a mountain lion in the Boise Foothills Monday afternoon, Idaho Fish and Game says.

Wildlife officials say the attack occurred off Bogus Basin Road along Corrals Trail. A Boise man was riding his mountain bike along with his two dogs when he heard a yelp.

The man says he turned around and saw a mountain lion jump from the brush and attack one of his dogs. He then started pelting the cougar with rocks and yelling loudly.

But the cougar then attacked his second dog. Soon after, Idaho Fish and Game says, the man picked up a large rock and hit the cougar in the head, which stunned the animal.

He then picked up his dog and rode down to the trail head and called 911. His second dog was waiting for him by his vehicle. | Listen to 911 Call

"I hit it with a rock, I think I might have killed it," the man said on the call.

Both dogs are expected to survive. The mountain lion has not been found.

"In years past, we've had lion attacks on domestic pets in the foothills and taken no action against the offending cat," Fish and Game conservation educator Evin Oneale said. "But this situation is different. When the man approached the cat, it did not react normally; it stood its ground and did not run off as we would expect."

Fish and Game says a hounds-man and his tracking dogs picked up the cat's scent at about 4:30 and tracked the animal for about a half-mile before the scene was lost.

Wildlife officials say they won't look for the cougar unless it's spotted again.

Warning signs were posted at the Corrals and Mitchell Gulch Trailheads to alert trail users.