Motorcycle crashes prompt safety course reminder

BOISE, Idaho - A reminder to look twice for motorcyclists following two deadly crashes in July.

One happened July 11 when authorities said a truck rear-ended a biker at Garrity Boulevard.

Later in July, authorities said another motorcyclist was killed at Eagle and Amity when a mini-van failed to stop.

Stacey "Ax" Axmaker with the STAR motorcycle safety program said 10 motorcyclists have died so far in 2012.

He said while drivers can do their part to be alert, motorcyclists can too.

"Probably the biggest thing is getting your eyes up and looking farther ahead and predicting what the other guy's going to do," he said. "What's going on 20 seconds ahead? Practice your cornering and your braking skills - those are huge for avoiding a collision."

The Idaho STAR program said in the last five years, the number of motorcycle crashes involving people under 21 has dropped.

But for riders 44 and older, it's gone up.

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