Motor home crashes through doctors office

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) - Roy Dahling says he was trying to back into a parking space on Tuesday when he lost control of his motor home. "Just fixing to shift it into reverse and the gas pedal stuck to the floor. When it did, I pressed on the brake as hard as I could and it just started sliding," Dahling said.

It slid right into the window of a doctor's office on West Emerald and Maple Grove. Dahling had his fiance and two kids in the motor home with him as they were pulling in for an appointment.

"The tires locked up and it just would not stop. I went 'stop, stop.' He's like trying and trying and it wouldn't stop," Nicole Hine said who was a passenger in the RV.

Dahling missed a water meter and a gas meter but ended up in Dr Jeffrey Hessing's office. Lori Bullinger, an x-ray technician said, "We just heard a really loud 'boom', basically, and we all ran out and found the motor home in the side of the wall."

The driver says nobody in his family was hurt. Dr. Hessing says that he had no patients in his office at the time.